I’m alive !

Hi, if you’re reading this unfinished site, please feel free to look around and leave a comment. Or, you could come back sometime later in Autumn, when I expect to be up and running, and should be able to tell and show you more about the latest game I’m working on.

Mummy Tales - a VERY early preview

As one of the original co-creators of Oh-Mummy, back in the day, I’ve started creating a modern up-to-date  version of this classic game with an all new look and all new name to go with it. First of all, a free to play version will be available for your browser using Flash, using my proprietary 3D engine that supports shading without using the pixel shaders to gain some extra speed. There will also be mobile versions available, probably paid apps, but I’m looking into ad supported versions and will let you know when I’ve decided.

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